Origin of the name:

During the construction of the cellar, the Khoury family had to find water for the future needs of the cellar. For this, we first called for a specialist engineer and then several dowsers who all performed their techniques and provided advice but without success. We thus performed ten incorrect drillings of 80 meters deep and up to 350 meters across the domain.

Then on the eleventh drill, while we were already 120 meters deep, a procession with the relics of St. THERESE of JESUS ​​child were found, going on the road of the nearby convent The CHRIST REDEMPTEUR. So, local parents asked Ste THERESE with great fervor to give us water and the next morning, at 123 meters deep, water gushed into the well.

In homage and thanksgiving to the plot, a well was drilled and henceforth called the Ste THERESE well and thus the wine from grapes of this land was called Cuvee Ste THERESE.


Product information:

- Year: 2013

- Grapes:                       Caladoc (80%)      
                                      Pinot Black (20%)

- Annual production: 7000 bottles

- Type of wine: red wine

- Packaging: 75 cl

- Number of bottle per carton: 6 x 75 cl

- Unit selling retail price HT: US $ 7 HT

Technical Information:

- Volumetric Alcohol content: 14.5% VOL

- Residual sugar: <2g / L

Vineyard Information:

- Location: Dhour Zahle

- Soil: Clay and limestone

- Exposure: South - Area: 1.5 ha

- Altitude: 1220m

- Size: double Guyot

- Age of vines: 20 years

- Number of vines per hectare: 4000

- Yield: 40 hl / ha

- Cultural methods: biological

Winemaking process:

- Harvest: end of August for the Pinot noir and early October for the Caladoc

- Harvested by hand in plastic boxes of 20kg, the grapes are de-stemmed and crushed, and then put in stainless steel, thermo regulated tanks

- Pre-fermentation maceration for about a week at cold temperatures, the alcoholic fermentation is done with indigenous yeasts, and then followed by the Malolactic fermentation.

- Fermentation total time: 3 weeks

- Apparatus for ageing: 100% stainless steel tanks

- Maturation period: 6 months

- Bottled in May and then rested for at least 4 months in the cellar before selling

Tasting advice:

- Optimum temperature: 16-18 ° C

- Store: 7 years on average

- Wine and food pairing: Excellent with grilled meat; can also be drunk by itself

Tasting notes:

- Red color, dense and deep garnet

- The first nose is open with strawberry and spicy aromas, while the second nose overlooks animal notes

- The palate is fresh, frank and with a subtle finish on the fruit, and the tannins are intense

- Nice outfit with crisp, sharp flavors

- Can be served chilled or at room temperature